More realism for your Infinite Flight experience.

An addon for Infinite Flight which runs in the background and provides audio cues like "V1", "Rotate", "Positive Rate", and others. Additionally, your co-pilot will warn you if you are approaching speed limits.

NOTE: If experiencing issues connecting to Infinite Flight on Android, please read the Android Connection Guide.

Automated Warning System

Through an in-app purchase, you can also have a GPWS warning system with 14 additional automated warnings like "SINK RATE", "TERRAIN, FLAPS", or "PULL UP, PULL UP".


Voice Commands

Voice commands are also available as an in-app purchase: control your plane with your voice! "Set flaps 10 degrees", "Set heading 1-5-0", "Gear up", and many others will instantly be followed by your co-pilot.

"Phenomenal! It creates a totally new experience while flying!"

@Joe - Infinite Flight ATC Moderator